JBall is the perfect place to start playing hockey. It’s easy to play, not too physically demanding and with all the equipment provided, it really is a game where Anyone Can! Come along and pick up a stick today #AnyOneCan.


The rules are designed to make JBall easy to play and learn. With no uniforms, no goalies and restrictions on swinging sticks it’s easy and safe to get going! For the full rule book, follow the link below!


You are our perfect participant!!! The game has been designed so that no prior hockey experience is needed – the rules make it easy for everyone.

No. Register as an individual and we will put you with likeminded people or you can get a group of your friends together and register.

– JBall is designed for adults. If you are aged 16+, get your friends and family together and join in the fun.
– At certain venues we may introduce family competitions. Get the different generations together and step onto the pitch.

We provide all playing equipment. Grab your runners and sports clothes and head to the pitch. No uniform is required.

Fixtures vary at each venue. For most weeknight competitions, games start between 6.45pm & 8.15pm however contact your local venue for more information.

Season length varies at each venue. Our seasons run for 7 – 8 weeks. Matches are 36 minutes long (3 x 12-minute thirds)

Every participant is required to pay a $15 season registration fee. The weekly game fee is $10 per player, per week which is paid up front.

Please contact your local venue at least 24 hours prior. Any late cancellation may result in an additional charge. No refund is provided for non-attendance.

No, anyone can register to play. Simply get a group of friends together and register your team for the preferred venue.

Register to play