JBall 3s, proudly supported by VicHealth, is new, it’s social, it’s hockey… but not as you know it! Designed by youth, for youth! JBall 3s puts your needs first and provides a hockey experience you will remember filled with positivity, skill and personal development.


The rules have been designed by our players! If you have any new recommendations make sure you tell our facilitators! The rules are designed to keep the game safe and give you a fun experience!


JBall 3s is a 3-a-side program that focuses on creating a fun, positive, engaging and inclusive environment. Using our modified hockey sticks, JBall 3s lets you learn new skills in a fun and safe place before you get to put them into practice in mini matches. It’s the perfect way to get involved in a new sport.

With our modified pitches we can play JBall anywhere. JBall 3s uses foam pads that connectto create an enclosed pitch so the ball is always in play. Each pitch is designed to be around10m x 15m in size so you will get plenty of touches and always be involved in the activities!JBall 3s can be played indoors in sports halls, outside on grass, asphalt or even on a hockeypitch!

JBall 3s sessions will vary depending on each program. Start times will range from 3.30pm –6pm on week days.

JBall 3s sessions run for approximately 45 minutes. Programs length can vary from 3 weeksup to 10 weeks.Check out the list of venues to see how long each program is.

Don’t worry, all the equipment is provided for you in JBall 3s so all you have to do is turn upand join in the fun.

JBall 3s is designed for teenagers so you will only ever play with other likeminded people ofthe same age!Come along with your friends or use JBall 3s to meet some new people.

– In JBall 3s you will learn new hockey skills such as how to hold the stick, dribbling, passing,shooting and much more. With our modified stick it makes it even easier to learn these newskills.
– We have music playing throughout the session to make it a more relaxed environment. Let usknow your favourite songs and we can get it on the playlist.
– We will then play mini matches to allow you to put your skills to practice. We will rotate teamsand players throughout each session though so the focus is on playing and socialising, notwinning.

With JBall 3s we have removed all the barriers to play sport. We have created a program thatwe can take to you, making it easier to access, put the focus on socialising and having fun sothere is less stress and more enjoyment and designed it with feedback from teenagers so ithas been designed by teenagers for teenagers.

Each session is valued at $10 however we are offering plenty of discounts and even some freeprograms to begin with! Keep on checking the website for information on each program.

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