Learn the game of hockey before you enter a competition! Sixers teaches children how to implement skills through game-based learning. The program is the next step of the of the junior hockey pathway.


Throughout Junior Sixers, children will develop the fundamental skills of hockey through game-based learning, check out the guide for more information.


The session will run for 45 minutes!

The program will run for 8 weeks.

It costs $70 for the whole program.

It is recommended that you wear comfortable, active clothing as well as your Hookin2Hockey bib! If you don’t have one, no stress, we will provide spares on the day.

Be sure to bring along your hockey stick, shin guards and your mouth guard! We will have spare equipment on the day if required.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the session starts to ensure that you get as much time on the field as possible!

Absolutely! Bring them down for a session and they will be able to join with the hope that they sign up! (we will have equipment for them on the day)

To ensure that your child gets the best experience and has the chance to learn as much as possible, we recommend you come each week. We do know that sometimes life can get in the way and if you cant make it, that’s fine! Just get in contact with your centre coordinator prior.

No need to worry! you will still be able to come along in the following week and our coaches will get you up to speed if you missed anything.

As hockey is an outdoor sport, we try our best to still operate through the odd bit of rain and wind! If the session is going to be called off, you will hear from your centre coordinator on the day, otherwise still head on down and dress appropriately!

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