Why run when you can walk? Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or have never played, Walking JBall gives you opportunity to get moving and have fun!


Walking Jball is designed for participants 50 years and over, the program is run on a small court where participants get to learn the basics skills of the game.


Walking J-Ball is a new initiative between Hockey Victoria and the La Trobe Valley Authority which aims to increase physical activity in elderly populations. Walking J-Ball uses plastic sticks and a larger ball to make it easier to play. We provide a padded pitch that ensures the ball is always in play and we deliver the session in 30 – 35-minute blocks to ensure it isn’t too large a time commitment.

Walking JBall can increase the health and wellbeing on both the individual participant level and on a group level through low intensity physical activity.
As an inclusive spot we are able to cater to all participants, including those with physical or cognitive impairments, providing them with a sense of empowerment and achievement through participation.
Walking JBall creates a social environment which enables participants to develop friendships and create shared experiences with others.

With our mobile pitch, we bring the game to you! We can play JBall on a tennis court, in a car park, on a grass area, even on a Hockey Pitch! Our JBall facilitators will manage and deliver the sessions so all you will have to do is encourage your residents to come along!

There is no cost to try Walking JBall! Through the Latrobe Valley Authority, we are able to offer a one-off taster session. We can then deliver a further 3-week program free of charge.*

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